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Dear Patient,

you suffered from an amputation of a leg, most likely an above knee amputation, and this has meant a dramatic change of your life and lifestyle. This website illuminates a relatively new method available for rehabilitation after amputation known as the Endo-Exo-Femur-Prosthesis n. Grundei ®.
This new technique goes back to well-established findings of tooth-implants. The main idea is a bone-anchored and skin penetrating implant that allows the attachment of an artificial knee-joint and lower leg prosthesis. It therefore essentially differs from the conventional socket-prosthesis and can provide remarkable advantages for a suitable patient. By now the procedure can also be performed for lower leg amputees and has therefore proved its value as an Endo-Exo-Tibia-Prosthesis as well.
The special method of the Endo-Exo-Prosthesis (EEP) has been developed in Lübeck, Germany, where the first implantation was done in 1999. In 2003 it has been established in the Sana Clinic in Lübeck where I am heading the Unit for Plastic, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery and have experience with over 100 ILP patients by now. The results are very encouraging. Meanwhile, the osseointegration technique is also performed in centers in the Netherlands and in Australia and we share our experiences in close connection with each other to get the best possible results and strive for excellence If you, one of your relatives or somebody you know would like to have more information about the EEP procedure I am very willing to give more advise in a one-to-one interview.

You can always make an appointment with my secretary, Doris Abel, for a consulting date during which I can advise you in detail.

Phone: 0451 585 1297.

Additionally, we offer an “online video consultation service”, where you can directly communicate with Dr. Aschoff through a secured audio-video platform.  The online consultation service will be available for free from 06/01/2016 each Wednesday from 03:00 PM. In order to make an appointment, please follow the instructions given under “Online Video Consultation Service”. 

Thank you very much for your interest,

Dr. med. H. H. Aschoff

Head of Department, Plastic, Hand- and Reconstructive Surgery
Medical Specialist for Plastic and Hand Surgery, Traumatology/ Special Traumatology

Sana Clinics Lübeck GmbH
Kronsforder Allee 71-73
23560 Lübeck


Phone.:   +49 451 585 1305
E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Internet: www.osseointegration-germany.de